Designing for FinTech startup.

Tasks over the month -

  1. Create an account
  2. Make down-payment
  3. Rejected application
  4. Upload documents
  5. NACH upload
  6. Loan approval
Task-1 User Flow
Task-2 User Flow
  1. Disbursal mail — showing all the dates and amount to be paid.
  2. Repayment Due
  3. Repayment Success
Task-3 User Flow

Process -

  1. User Understanding
  2. Information Hierarchy
  3. Wireframes

User Understanding

Information Hierarchy

Designed Mails

Promotional Design

Different designs made for social marketing campaigns

Learnings over the whole period -

  1. Importance of user trust in a FinTech startup.
  2. Desktop and Mobile versions of email template.
  3. Worked on a fixed UI style guide for all the products.
  4. Color theory.




Product Designer turned Product Manager |

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Pramit Singhi

Pramit Singhi

Product Designer turned Product Manager |

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